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5 Tips for a Neighborhood Game Night

People talk about going home for the holidays, but it's often the traditions of the holidays that create a home wherever you are. In this eight-part series, RE/MAX is taking a look at things that make a house a home and how each one can add to your seasonal celebration. In the colder months, when people are less likely to linger at bus stops or the mailbox, it can be difficult to stay in touch with your neighbors. Rekindle connections by bringing everyone in out of the cold with a game night. Here are a few suggestions for hosting an evening of fun.

1. Try something new

Ask your neighbors to bring over their favorite games. It will help you expand your horizons beyond Monopoly and Clue, and provide variety for your guests throughout the night.

2. Gather the pieces

Double check that your games have all of the pieces before your guests arrive, and that extra paper, pens, die and whatever else games may call for are handy.

3. Serve comfort food

Cooking up chili is an easy way to feed a large group of people and get cozy on a cold winter's night. Make your favorite recipe – and invite neighbors to bring over something of their own.

4. Award the winners

Have a prize or two available to the winners of each game. Consider blue ribbons or trophies, or maybe an inexpensive game from the dollar section of the store.

5. Go beyond the board

Several great games aren't played with a board. Try out Tenzi, played with dice, or pick up a new specialty card game. For $1.99 on iTunes, you can download Heads Up, a guessing game from Ellen Degeneres played by holding your phone to your forehead. In the classic "Game of Life," your decision to buy a house is determined by a spinner. In Real Life, it's a bit more complicated than that. A real estate agent can help you talk through your options – find one to work with here . More from our Centerpiece series: Day 8 - Traditions: 4 Ways to Preserve Family Holiday Traditions Day 1 - Friends: Throw the Ultimate Ugly Sweater Party Day 2 - Memories: How to Try Out the Curated Look  
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