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The RE/MAX Country Team has developed a professional business plan that incorporates a personal touch. The associates and staff of RE/MAX Country stand ready to assure that the proper level of attention is given to your Association.

Our goal is to have your Association “up and running” within the first 30 days. First impressions and lasting memories are critical. To achieve this goal, we have developed a business plan that insures a positive, professional experience.

Nothing is more critical than strong communication and relationship building. Our team is committed to maintaining regular communication and building lasting relationships with our prospects and clients. Miscommunication or lack of communication is the leading cause of mistakes, anxiety and distrust. Let us remove that anxiety!

Our plan as your residential homeowner’s association management firm is to create a full service professional system catered to your specific needs that is designed to protect your investment while using a personal approach.

The advantage of a management service is two fold:

First, the capability of being “strictly business” eliminates the Association from compromising its income potential by succumbing to the owners’ demands and requests. It is easier for an association manager to enforce the conditions because that manager is under the direction of the Association. There is no room for compromise without approval of the Association. This alone is generally enough to keep an owner in compliance.

Second, the capability to supervise the funds, records and condition of the premises. Assessment collection, disbursements for utilities and other expenses, questions, comments and concerns, supervision of maintenance and repairs, inspections, covenant enforcement, etc. are all handled by the association manager.

The following is a list of the services provided by our property management division:

  1. Use of the firm’s services for management of your Association i.e. computerized bookkeeping, records keeping, a telephone and address to be used by the owners for correspondence, maintenance professionals, service professionals and banking facilities. The association manager is licensed by the State of Colorado and is required to stay current as well as comply with laws and rules relating to management issues.
  2. Collection of assessments and payment of bills. The firm will collect assessments and pay all bills on behalf of the Association and render an accounting of all receipts and disbursements.
  3. A separate account will be maintained for amounts received and disbursements made, reserves held and investments (these can be your existing accounts). These accounts will be separate from the firm’s other business accounts. Pursuant to Colorado Law, these accounts are reconciled monthly.
  4. Manager availability at any time. Each owner will be given the business address and phone. They will also be given the association manager’s home phone for emergencies. Any issues that arise such as complaints, problems and requests can be initially addressed by the association manager.
  5. Supervision of repairs and maintenance. No repairs shall be secured without permission of the Association, except in the case of emergencies. The association manager will coordinate utility services, maintenance professionals and other service providers related to the operation of your Association on behalf of the Association.
  6. Maintain Colorado Secretary of State and Colorado Real Estate Commission requirements. The association manager will assure that required registration is completed. In addition, the association manager will coordinate with real estate brokers, title companies and lenders with regards to information required to remain in compliance with Colorado Law.
  7. Cooperation with the Association in regards to meeting preparation and budgeting. The association manager will cooperate with the Board of Directors in preparing for Board meetings, annual meetings and budget meetings, as required by the governing documents of the Association.
  8. Record keeping and website maintenance. The association manager will keep and maintain all the records of the Association and make them available upon request, either in written form or electronic form, via regular mail, email and website, as required by Colorado law.
  9. Design review, rule making and covenant enforcement. The association manager will regularly tour the development to identify any possible safety concerns, maintenance issues and/or covenant violations. The association manager will work closely with the Board of Directors to adopt policies and assist with its enforcement.

All of the services we provide can be customized to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you need a limited or full service management, we can design a program that works for you.

You Get What You Pay For

Our services are billed monthly and is per unit per month. Our fee is based on the type of unit and service required. Additional services are billed at an hourly rate. While it is difficult to specify additional services, without limitation, those may include court appearances, governing document amendments, insurance claim proceedings, and architectural review for new homes. Specific expected duties and additional services will be outlined prior to employment. There are no hidden costs with our services, like postage, printing, storage, transfer fees, copies and the like.

RE/MAX Country incurs all expenses related to the brokerage such as daily operation costs, staffing, supplies, forms, and office equipment, licensing, insurance coverage and membership in organizations such as the local Board of Realtors, Community Associations Institute and the National Association of Residential Association Managers. RE/MAX Country retains an attorney for guidance and assistance with Colorado law compliance.

Please feel free to call us and discuss our fee. We will gladly consider other business strategies that may bring a more desired result for you.

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